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At Harless Towing & Auto Repair, the foundation of our pledge is to provide quality customer service, in the quickest time and safest way.  It is for those reasons our customers utilize our service fleet for their Towing & Recovery needs. Our drivers are highly qualified in their positions so that the end result is expert performance for which you deserve in any of our services that we offer.

Towing Services We Offer:

Our service and specialized transport vehicles and equipment are maintained regularly in order to provide reliable and safe service to all of our customers, as well as the drivers who operate them. Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS that allows our operations center to monitor a driver’s location to provide accurate ETA’s for service.

We Offer Towing In South Point, We Also Tow In Huntington, &  The TriState Area. 740-894-4369

We are well aware that you, the consumer, can choose any of the dozens of towing and transportation companies throughout Ohio and all of the Tri-State. We strive each day to improve our company in each and every aspect of our daily operation. This commitment to customer service excellence allows us to offer and provide a “positive” service atmosphere for all of our patrons, as well as our employees that serve them.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give us a call! We’ll be there with our friendly driver to assist you, and you’ll see how good we really are!

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Inventing the first tow truck

Mr. Ernest Holmes invented the tow truck. It was 1916 in Chattanooga Tennessee. Mr. Holmes needed to pull a car out of a creek. It took eight hours and six men to pull the car out of the creek. It was very difficult. They used ropes and wooden blocks and a lot of muscle power. His design was a flat surface that attached behind a truck so a vehicle could be pulled to a better location. That was the first tow truck.